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For my very first project of this year I had to make myself into a product. I chose a 3D printer to represent me, due to my needs of always having to make something and keep busy, for hours on end. I chose the red and black color color scheme to fit the way I look, and even added a tattoo that I have of a robot as the start-up screen of the printer. I also put a lot of jokes into the advertisement, because making jokes is also one of my biggest traits.


For my second project I, along with 2 others, created a dice that will inspire even the most uninspired. The dice has 6 sides that all have a seperate QR-Code to them. These QR-Codes stand for different locations in Utrecht that will inspire people. The goal is to roll the dice if you feel uninspired, go to the location of the QR-Code, and find inspiration or relax. The locations will be replaced with new locations from a database every week, so you wont get the same location twice!


Along with 2 others I wanted to start a discussion about technology taking over our lives and where the limit of each individual person is. I did this by creating a short animation telling the tale of the squirrel experiencing a big change. In the middle, there is a cutout of a tree, to represent the base of humanity, that will never leave, no matter how much the world changes. The other 2 came up with just the story while I did all of the animating/other work.


This project began from my first concept, a choose-your-own-adventure post-apocalyptic VR game. I made this with 4 others, and eventually we came up with an interviewer going undercover to write a report about a cult that is having an initation night nearby. Eventually he gets caught and escaped. This project was a nice way to let go of political standpoints and tell a narrative heavy story in the form of a workable VR game. I did all the 3D Modelling and Photogrammatry/3D Scanning in this project.


For this project, I dived nose deep into learning to code. Me and 3 others wanted to make something unique out of a very boring moment. We came up an ordinary seeming advertisement next to a billboard, but when 2 people are sitting and waiting for the bus, it will switch over to the bus advertisements calling each other. A kind of chat-roulette. I coded the distance sonars so they would only react when both sonars go off, and so it would go over to OBS and switch scenes from an ordinary commercial to our video call (Unfortunately no video of this actually working due to classmates being in it).

What Is Freedom To You?

In Case 1 I wanted to explore multiple sides of freedom. I reached out to Babatunde, from the Youtube channel Africa Everyday. He was very intrigued and wanted to work together with me right away! I asked him if he could interview different people in Nigeria, and ask them questions about how they experience freedom. I did the same, but with Dutch citizens. I compiled the answers in a video, and this is the result. Probably one of my favourite projects.


In this project I worked together with my team and Trashure Studio to create something that would bring people together. We came up with a pop-up store where people could come in and work. We wanted to focus on locals in Amsterdam, however, the studio wasnt too intrested in broadening their views to include people with different backgrounds, skin colours, or incomes. Yikes.


Due to covid, this project has been pushed back until may 2022. However, the product is finished. This product is made so that kids can draw a dinosaur, and see it come to life in a 2,5 meter high setup. They can take a picture with their own giant dinosaur! They can also put their drawing in a giant glowing volcano and vote on their favourite dinosaur drawing!

Lautel Enterprises

One of my favourites! We had to work on personal branding, and this was right in my alley. I dont like taking my work too seriously, and I get so bored with those "My work is fantastic and impactful" videos. I went with making a video and products that highlight my good work, but also make sure Im still human. Makes me happy to look back on.

Finished video:

Seminar Arty Intelligence

For this seminar, a couple of MT students and I made a song completely made with AI. I was in charge of the cd cover. I generated some images and fed them to an AI that generated this image. Then I added text and changed some colours to finish it!

Finished music video: